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Product Teams

Use AI to boost user retention + revenue on your platform

Spectrum Labs helps drive retention, growth, and ARPU by facilitating positive user interactions.
Spreading positivity for

How Spectrum Labs helps product teams increase engagement

Toxicity caused by a hostile few is creating negative experiences for users of online communities.[1] Since 2017, 26% of American users on the world’s largest social network have deleted its mobile app, while 42% of users have taken a break for “several weeks or more.”[2]

User behavior can make or break your platform by welcoming new visitors or driving them away. A new user's first-time experience has a major impact on your growth numbers.

Spectrum Labs’ Amplify solution uses Contextual AI to identify your platform’s most reputable users and communities, then pair them with new visitors to make the best first impression possible. By driving positive interactions, Amplify helps boost KPIs like user retention, engagement, revenue, and overall platform growth.

Boost healthy behavior that drives growth

A positive online community is good for business.

In fact, new users with positive first-time visits are 6x more likely to return to a platform.

use cases

  • Gaming Platforms: Connect new or unengaged users with teams or individuals inclined to coach rookie players or motivate them to stick around and level-up.
  • Creative Communities: Nudge your platform’s most encouraging or constructive commenters toward new users who would love feedback on their projects.
  • Dating Apps: Pair new visitors with users who have shown a consistent pattern of engaging conversations, building rapport, and positive behavior.
  • Product Teams: Create user cohorts based on a full spectrum of behaviors, and optimize retention by A/B testing user pairings and interactions.


Spam bots cost online businesses more than $250 billion each year in lost revenue by repelling users and diluting engagement numbers.[3]

Spectrum Labs’ flagship Guardian: Anti-Spam solution can recognize and remove hard-to-detect spam activity before it spreads across your community.

Spam is a multi-billion dollar AI-driven business that is always innovating. Keeping up with it requires sophisticated detection and continuous focus. Let Spectrum keep you ahead of spammers using AI trained from one of the worlds largest UGC data vaults so you can get back to focusing on your platform.


In Spectrum Labs, we have a partner who is in the trenches with us…we're seeing great results and know our players will experience a significant positive impact on the safety, health, and enjoyment of our games.

Weszt Hart Head of Player Dynamics